B18c1 Burning Smell/ HELP

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New Member

I have a 98 Civic SI, swapped with a B18c1 with full exhaust, DC headers, Fuel regulator, type-r trans, and an AEM cold air. I just purchased it not too long ago, and its stored for winter right now. It's pretty much due for an oil change, but I have a questions cause it's been bothering me, and some advice would be awesome!

I try to start it about once a week to keep it running and what not. But I let the car warm up, and if I'm showing a buddy or just want to hear it, I rev the car. I tend not to rev too high, but I smell something burning. I dont know if its oil, or something else? Or if thats normal or not. I didnt notice it when I drove it home. But It's only when I rev the engine. Let me know your thoughts please.

Dont just rev the engine?
Is it leaking oil, have you done a valve lash? Old fuel? Lots of shit. What's the motor's history? how hard do you drive it when it's nice out?
does it smell like oil? (Don't know? Go get a little oil and drip it on you exhaust manifold) Or does it smell like rubber? Coolant? (Don't know do the same thing)