b20 del sol

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I have a 95 del sol 5-speed and i have a few swap questions.

1.will a b20 even fit?
2.if so what sort of mods would I have to do for it to perform reasonably well?
3.will my tranny handle the torque?
4.what, if any negative effects would it have? such as weight dist.,handling etc.
also how much does a used b20 cost? any info you have will be helpful. :worthy:
1. yes it will fit
2. you will need a different intake manifold (depending on what one you get)
3. you need to use a B series tranny
4. there really arent any weight issues with it its not really any heavier than a B18
You'll want to get a new intake manifold no matter what- even the shorter one of the B20B/Z is a little tall to fit comfortably (I don't remember which one is taller). Just use an LS intake manifold- or you can get a Skunk2 unit and bolt it up.

The B20B/Z is actually the lightest of the B series engines.... but not by much.

You can get a B20B/Z long block for about $800 from H Motors Online.

I heard you can convert engines to VTEC by swapping the heads ,and I think camshaft. Which ones would I need to convert the b20 to VTEC?
yes and no, it is not that simple. You must totally rebuild the enire bottom end. New pistons, rods, wrist pins, sleves and some other stuff. Read the faq's about this swap. when you are done, this engine is a complete monstor
you dont have to rebuild the bottom end. if you want to be cheap and not reach the full potential of the cr/vtec setup then don't rebuild it.. but otherwise its a good idea
that is y i said no and yes, yes it is that eazy if you dont want to rev past 7xxx rpm, no it is not that easy if you want to actually make power