Honda del Sol Proportioning Valve

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Hi guys, before a lot of years my proportioning valve was replaced. At the time the repair shop said numbers mean nothing on those! they installed one labeled 30/30.My crx del sol is a Genuine JDM with front and rear discs with no abs. That proportioning valve is leaking again and i need to install the correct one for my Car! i read on google that a 30/30 is for disc front and drum on the back and that the correct one is a 30/40.but strangely i can find new proportioning valves on ebay claiming that they are for the del sol with rear disc brakes and no abs but they are labeled 30/30.Can anyone please help me on that? maybe someone that has the same car?? Thank you!
here's what i researched with the help of replies here when i was doing a big brake kit.

it may help.