B20B head F/S or F/T

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b20 man

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hey guys as the title says i got a 98 obd2 b20b head . got 25 k on it . complete head . i will trade it for something resonable . let me know what you got . :)
20 bucks... what do you have done to it... parts list would be nice
well were do you live am i going to ship this to you ????
Sorry for the late reply. Didnt realize you sent a reply. I posted a pic of where you should look for the code. This one says P75 on the right side of the head.
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P8R-11 thats the number wer ei found on the head . let me know dude
Do you still have that head? if you do how much? and where are you located? What are you wanting to trade? i am very interested in this. thanks