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I just wanted to let everyone know that they shouldnt order anything from MASSIVE MOTORSPORTS cause they dont keep anything in stock so it takes months to get it and there online service sucks. They will charge your credit card and tell you they didnt get the order. And never order from because they wont do anything about defective parts. They refuse to do anything but waste my time and make themselfs sound stupid. Just wanted to warn everyone so they dont get screwed like I do everytime. I'm just glad theres still some good and loyal business's out there like SUMMIT that consider the customer first.
ya man, massive motorsports is terrible. my friend ordered an OBX muffler from them (yes i know shitty quality) and he waited 2 months before he could actually get in contact with them.
I waited 2 months for a block guard from, and they have a good rep. i think it all depends on who is giving them the stuff to distribute. if they don't have it, the shop can't have it either....