Bad Luck

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Alright everyone, I don't post alot on here but you guys have to hear this one....

My brother(nuc79) and I started a swap on my car-93 Civic EX auto- on Dec. 28th, 2002...I live outside of St. Louis in southern IL...he lives in southern GA near Jacksonville, FL.

We took out the D16Z6 auto and put in a B16A with a 97 Teg LS auto tranny and from there on we had probs....This was my first swap and his too but we are both fairly mechanically inclined so we did the research and decided that we could get through it. He was in town..STL...for the holiday so we were on a time constraint and it became apparent very quickly that it wasn't going to be finished before he left, which sucked, but what can ya do, right?

Anyways, he has driven up from GA 3 different times now(each way is 12-13hrs driving) to help me work on it....and this is what has happened each time:

1. Driving up for Christmas in his Durango with his family he hit a deer in KY and messed up the front end of it....

2. Driving up in his '89 Civic 4dr ZC over a 3 day weekend by himself he hit black ice in TN and spun the car out...little body damage but the car, and more importantly he was ok.....He flew back because he wanted me to have a car to drive so he left the ZC here for me...

3. This past weekend he drove up with his buddy in the Durango with a tow dolly to pick up my car and bring it back to GA to finish the swap as he's got more free time than me...I don't know how this is considering he has a wife, 3 kids, and 3 dogs and all I have is a 6 week old English Bulldog and some fish....oh yeah, and a fiance' :) .
He left Friday afternoon with his buddy and they drove all night, getting here Saturday morning around 8am....I had to work Sat. and didn't get off till around 1 that afternoon but he already had my car on the dolly and we took my z6 and banded it to a pallet so he could take it back to GA and sell it. He left around 4 in the morning Sunday morning and planned on stopping in KY on the way back to pick up an H23 with with a spun bearing to rebuild for his 90 turbo Accord project. I talked to him around 1 Sun. afternoon and he was just crossing into GA from TN. From what he's told me, shortly after I got off the phone with him they started going down a long stretch of downhill interstate around 65-70mph. A semi truck blew by them and started the towdolly swaying, with my car on it. He said the last thing he remembers is looking in the rearview and seeing the dolly with my car on it perpendicular to the flipped on it's roof and came to rest in the median-tongue on the dolly twisted 180deg but still attached.
The Durango is a totalled....both motors are banged up...mostly broken sensors but ok other than that....all so he could get MY car running
He's ok and so is his buddy.....little bump on the head from the roof collapsing but no worse for the wear.

When I did talk to him he was more concerned with my car being ok than anything else......
For all you who have brothers or sisters you should be so lucky to have one as selfless as Luke......that's 3 times he's gotten lucky.....just so I could have my car back.....When it comes to my car I love it....alot....but I don't give a damn about it compared to civ can be replaced.....Luke Can't......pros to ya little bro.... :worthy:


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Dang man!!! Sorry to hear about all that shit happening!!! But it's not all bad luck....gotta have some good luck to walk away from all that!!!


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Now maybe people will listen to us about buying Automatic Hondas! :)

My older brother is devoted, but not THAT devoted... You've got some Madd brotherly love goin on, fo sho.


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God really does not want a sirI in a 0bd1 civic. Did the durango flip or was it the civic or was it both? Sorry to hear that man.


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His Durango flipped...with my old D16Z6 and an H23A in the back of it....
My car, which was on the tow dolly...stayed upright but the tounge on the dolly was twisted around 180 when the dodge flipped.......

it sucks....shoulda been my car instead of his Durango......just glad they're both ok....
and he's STILL gonna fix my Civic.....that's a pimpass brother... :woo:


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Thats what we call dedication and pride.


You fawks will get that shit done sometime and when you finish its gonna be like a 20 minute orgasm. :p


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:thumbsup: :werd: ............that's what I'm hopin' for....then I can stop spending all my damn money on this stupid house I bought and start spendin' it on the Civ again....WoooHooo!!!!


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Hey everybady, I'm back... in one piece. Some body please buy my delSol seats...I've got $2500 in negative equity to pay off on a 99 Durango that was totalled on Sunday! ;)'re still for sale, I just ended the listing because I wanted to get at least $250 for them!

As soon as I get pics of the accident today, I'll post them on the thread.

By the way, I might be selling some more stuff later:
91 Suzuki Katana, custom graphics, 13000mis.
89 Civic Dx ZC sedan, cold A/C, looks and runs great on stock stealies!
93 D16Z6 with 100kmi...(i'll replace the busted TPS sensor) :p

Oh well, at least now we can start looking for the late model Odyssey we've been wanting.


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check out these pics....I knew the wreck was bad, but not that damn bad.....jesus....

That thing sticking out the back window if you can see it is the wooden pallet the H23A was on......