bagged 98 s10

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this is a bagged 98 s10 4.3 auto with 12x,xxx on it that has been painted to look old it has the 3rd brake light, hood pissers, antana, . the suspension work is not a hack job it was done right and all parts was bought from Here's a list of the air ride parts
Over Axle Lower
Rear Upper Bag Bracket
1/2" PTC Valve Fill Controls
S10 8-pc Step Notch
2 Slam Specialties RE 8
2 Slam Specialties RE 6
96-03 S10 V6 EDC kit
Front Shock Relocating Kit
4 1/2" NPT Valve Dump Control
Rear Shock Bar Kit
1/2" SMC Valve 8 Pack
AVS ARC-T9 black 9 Toggle Switch
200 PSI Adj. Square D
SMC 1/2" Check Valve with Fittings
Black 12 Gallon 8 Port
KP 200 PSI Single Needle
2 KP 200 PSI Dual Needle
S10 Bolt In Front Cups
100ft of 1/2" DOT Reinforced Airline
50ft of 1/8" DOT Reinforced Air Line
that's around 3000$ in suspension parts alone
5500 obo or will trade
the wheels will only come with the truck if the trade is nice enough it will comewith the stock zq8 wheels with 4 new tires
im located in irvine ky





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lol i like it i just need somthing good on gas to drive my gto is killing me dont wont to daly the truck to keep the miles off it
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