Best Boost Controller?

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I am looking to get a boost controller and am leaning toward an electronic boost controller since I want to have first gear lower boost than the rest due to traction problems! What boost controller work good to spool quick and hold steady boost but aren't something you have to work for NASA to get running! I am looking at APEX-i AVC-R, HKS EVC or the BLITZ boost controllers! But let me know what you all like, I am looking to spend $500 or less. Thanks for any help!
I have done ALOT of research on boost controllers lately. Don't get a manual boost controller. They are the worst when it comes to boost spikeing. I forget what Sport Compact Car mag it was but they tested just about every boost controller. I am getting Either the Greddy Profec B, or the new Greddy profec E-01! I have been leaning towards the E-01 but I need to do some more research on it. The Profec B by what I have seen/read Has the lowest boost spike and holds a constant PSI better than any manual/electrical boost controller that any other company makes. The original Greddy Profec A Sucks. Get the Profec B! Or look into the E-01.
I myself can't stand greddy but all in their own... I love my Apex-i AVC-R
a lot of people stand by the Greddys plus they are cheaper just check them both out and go from there
P.S if you want a manual boost controller PLEASE don't buy one I made my first one when I was 16 and it work great for what it was and saved me 60+ bucks all you need is 1 to 5 bucks worth of parts
but if your not looking to halfass it then get a nice boost controller not becuase you can change the boost from dif gears but becuase it holds boost and wont over spike or lag as much
im in a toss up between the eo-1 and the avc-r myself... i don't know
i want aem ems to control my boost damnit, but NO! lol
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Jan 20 2003, 04:50 AM
i want aem ems to control my boost damnit, but NO! lol

why no brian? AEM ems cost an arm and a leg?? i dont know too much abou the ems myself thats the only reason i ask :)
you read that wrong. i'm going to get the aem ems... but it doesn't control boost. none of them do.
boost is not electronic- its vacuum
ahhhh i see... well i'll have to remember that from now on, alot of my friends have turbo cars but i never really payed too much attention... i was too busy telling them F%&* boost!!! all motor rules LOL :lol: :lol:

no offense to anyone either about to go boost, currently boosting or anyone who just plain ole loves turbo or s/c :worthy:
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Jan 20 2003, 05:25 AM
but it doesn't control boost. none of them do.
boost is not electronic- its vacuum

i think im going to take that back...

i know hondata doesn't... but i was just reading up.. and i THINK the aem does... hrm,

but even still-- id have to whip out the laptop to change it even if it does... so id set a base with the aem, and still use a dash mounted electronic boost controller of some sort
Thats why I am gonna get the E-01 W/ the E-manage! No need for a laptop. And it controls boost.
I've had good luck with the profec-B. It's cheap, install is a snap, and you can toggle boost settings on the fly with a button. I liked it, just enough for what I wanted.