best ecu

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What would be the best ecu for a N/A b16a1 set up....

If you say hondata please xplain why and what makes it better then the others just beong chipped?
If you have that motor built enough to go after market then Hondata
For tunablility. With the Hondata you can sit down at a dyno and meet your car's fuel and ignition needs in one go. With a chip you would have to run through trail and error to see which chip approximated your motors fuel and ignition needs best and even then it would only be an approximation.
affordablity.... hondatas, come with what and run what? is the cost worth what you get out of it and is it easy to come by....
Hondatas are easy to come by. For what they come with go to that describes what the base package comes with and what upgrades are available. A chip is more affordable, but you are not likely to realize the motors full potential with one.