Blitz K3t Compatibility

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im gettin a motor wit this for like $1400::
B20B/2 Block
Balanced Crank
Block Girdle
Oil Coller
84.5mm/85mm Bore
Endyne Pistons12.5:1 Compresion Ratio
Eagle Rods
Endyne Oil Pump
Endyne Catch Can Breather
ARP Head Studs
B16A or B18C Head

im wonderin if after i throw in the JG exhaust manifold, and blitz 534cc injectors will blitz k3t turbo be compatible to motor???
if you are bored out that much-
if you are running 12.5:1 CR pistsons...

i would NOT boost that. you have made your walls really thin. b20 blocks suck anyway for holding up even under NA (i know, don't flame- its not pruven that its weaker-)
and wtf are 543cc injectors?

12:1 compression? shit- thats high for NA, insane and BOOM for turbo.

you built for Na- stick na dude... you fucked your self already for going turbo unless you have a bunch of cash to go the otherway