block guard vs. re-sleeve

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just needed some input for my soon to be boosted b18b1. in addition to doing cams, valves, retainers, springs, pistons and rods i was also planning on either re-sleeving or puttin in a block guard but i dont know which one would be better so i wanted to know the pro's and cons of each one. i was figuring that since it costs more to resleeve that that would be the better more reliable way to go, but i just wanted a little bit more insight. thanks.
who knows man
theres all bad shit about everything.

sleeves are the only real way to not blow up...
but they are mad loot

if you want a nuformz guard, let me know i have one... and i don't think im going to be using it anymore
Search for a thread here... I posted a few really long items about this very subject.

The short of it:

- Typically $700-1000
- Can handle whatever boost you want to throw at it
- Is a solid installation into your block
Block guard:
- Typically $150 for Nuformz
- Drops into block without needing to pull engine or incur serious downtime
- Can rattle in between your sleeve and block, since it's not always a perfect fit
- Can cause hot-spotting around sleeve, leading to premature failure
- People ARE running 20-30 psi on stock blocks with just a Nuformz, and making 500 whp without any problems

The decision is up to you.

I would resleeve for boost, but then again- I'm willing to spend an assload of cash if I ever do decide to go turbo. I don't think it's going to happen with my current car though.