Boosting My B18a Crx

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Junior Member
I need some help. I have a stock b18a with intake and exhaust. I want to boost like 5-7psi on a GT03 turbo and intercooled. What would have to be done to do this. I have a buddy who boosts and he says I could boost w/o any problems as long as my fuel management is right (Right A/F Ratio). Let me know. <_<
with low boost like that you will be fine as long as the engine is in good condition and your fuel is right
Things you will need....

oil lines
down pipe
exhaust manifold
blow off valve
intercooler piping w/ couplers
FMU (fuel management unit)
intake fuel pump ( reccomended)
missing link or some sort of checkvalves

there is a basic run down of what you will need....i might of left a few things out so someone feel free to add on...also budget for a clutch replacement...