Brian>> I cant pm you about this

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For some reason I can't send you a pm but I keep getting this code

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 8388608 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 3323 bytes) in /home/virtual/site5/fst/var/www/html/forums/sources/Topics.php on line 389

I can't view topics anymore


Staff member

anyone else having this problem??

i saw it once while doing a PM, and i increased the memory alocation table, an haven't seen it since...
thought i fixed it.
since we are talking aboutproblems with the board, i have a couple new problems that started tonite:

1) all the emoticons in posts are coming up as broken links (X's)

2) when i edit a post and then submit it, i get the confirmation page, but it doesnt take me back to the topic or forum. it gets stuck on the confirmation page and a message to retry or cancel keeps coming up.
I just came back on and I am no longer getting that message... maybe there were just too many people on this board at that time. I couldn't view any posts or enter the pm screen without getting that message, but the last 3 digit number was always different.

Oh well, I guess we won't know until it happens again... hope this helps.


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3 digit number? i have no idea what you are referring to.

the OLD emoticons don't show-- i know... but the new ones do.
thats because i moved the board from/invboard to /forums

all the new posts seem to work- so im nto worried about it.. they are just smilies.

any other problems?
well ican't make my sig in color or any other text, it comes out all screwed up
It wont let me upload my own avatar. i asked brian but he didnt know. does anyone know why it wont let me upload an avatar. the pics i have been trying are below 80 x 80 and are the correct file size. please someone help me!
nevermind, i chose to upload it to another site, and then enter the url into the avatar box. lol i sound confusing.


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guys you need to be more specific on whats going on.

Trinity? colors? you have color in your sig now????
lsvtec - HTML is disabled PERIOD. its set in the admin panel
It is the escaped space for HTML, I have no idea what the ASCII number ffor a space is, let me look it up (what kind of geek am I anyway?)


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the advaced codes are all like that-

> is really > for example, and space is sometimes
but in urls, M$ decided to use
i dunno