Brian Wong's Itr-powered Gsr

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posting for a good bud of mine.
car is located in bay area cali

94 gsr 4dr.
original paint and body.
roof and trunk needs to be repainted.
never been hit
clean title
99 jdm itr swap 20k on it
ACT hdss clutch
jdm itr cat
4-1 header oem
itr radiator
jdm itr obd2 style ecu/harness convertor.

$11,000 shipped or add 1k more for uninstalled jdm non hid itr front end/4dr R wing/cluster.

no jokers/flakers i know what i'm selling.


don't low ball- the car is worth more than that and most of you know it. he's a good freind of mine- so don't give me a bad rep buy flakin gon him for posting it here for him.

any questions, email or AIM sfguy329