Build my prelude or go 5thGenHatch

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I got a 01 Prelude all built for pretty and show with just a N1 catback exhaust. Its nice and all but i just want somethin fast asap. saving up like a grand or 2 to build my motor a bit, like camshafts, pistons, etc (skunk or Jun parts) would take me a while to do. But I do have a GSR motor, tranny, and all which i could toss into a 92-95 hatch which i could get a hold of easily. I've own and driven many fast cars but nothing as much a motor swapped honda. I've had a Pair of FD3s and a MR2 with a custom twin turbo kit and a few Integras and Preludes, but never a hatch with a b18 or b16. So I dont know how quick they are. I guess what im tryin to ask is would you stick with a Show Quailty Prelude, or a lil hatch with just a GSR motor-swap??? BTW what would the Civic/GSR motor would do 1/4 mile with at most a I/H/E ?? SHOW and GO or a Sleeper....
I'm a huge fan of Preludes, so I'd say build that up. If you really wanted to, take the car back to stock or near-stock looks and then build for speed.