building a Z6

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Originally posted by Calesta@Nov 6 2002, 11:18 AM
Turbo on the Z6 will be a better 'deal', but you'll have a lower ceiling if you want to mod further. Drop a Quaiffe LSD in the EX tranny and you'll be good to go for however much power your Z6 will be able to put out.

Don't forget beefyer axles there Professor C!
Originally posted by knowledge@Nov 6 2002, 06:24 AM
Yes you can most deffinately drive this everyday! Would it be cheaper to turbo it vs a swap? Depends on what the swap would be! It wouldn't take much at all to turbo it! There are pleanty of company's out there who make turbo kits for it! Also its really really cheap to build your own kit! You could probably build 4+ of these turbo kits for the price of a B16a1 swap! In the long run in my mind it would be cheaper yes! Cause if and or when your motor or tranny goes they are sooooo much cheaper to replace than a b series! Yes the D series tranny's are kinda shitty compared to a B series! But you can buy 3-4 Dseries trannys for the price of 1 B series tranny! You do the math!

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Knowledge- the stock axles will handle quite a bit of power- just don't dump the clutch on boost to launch. ;)

perhaps this list will help:)
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