Building Up D16z6

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I have a '94 civic ex coupe 1.6l vtec sohc 5spd d16z6 motor and want to build up my stock engine. i do not want to do an engine swap. can anyone help in what should be done like headers???exhaust??cams??what should i change in the stock engine???what other addons???like turbo kit???etc.....any help would be greatly appreciated...i am new to the scene.. have read alot of doing swaps but i just want to build up my stock engine...the engine has 139k....thanx for the help all
lets say before i do put in a turbo kit is there anything i should do to the engine itself first???considering it has 139k on it....
Basicly you dont have to do much if you only run a little bit of boost. The major problem your going to have is having you tranny granadeing on you every once in a while.
:werd: Ya S20 transmissions suck, im on my second one and ive only had the car for a little under a year and its not like im tearing around, grinding the shit out of it either.
so you mean the tranny i have in there now sucks????is there a tranny i can change that wont suck to fit my engine???or what would i have to do so that it doesnt grind away and shit my tranny out??
Fraid not man, the S20 tranny is the only one that fits our engines. But in ll honesty they are not really that bad. True they are weaker then the B series trannies but hey, they're better then GM trannys ( IMO ). A friend of mine just got a cavalier ( much to my disaproval ) and the things tranny tore itslef to bits in a metter of a few hundred Kms :lol: and now hes gonna pay almost as much as he got the car for the repair the dam thing. I told him.. " shoulda got a Honda "

BTW i got my car because the tranny was shit. Thats right, i got the guy to drop the price by 1k and it cost me $300 and about 10 hours of my life to pull the engine, change the tranny, clutch plate, prassure plate, throw out bearing and timing belt ( just for good measure ) and put it all back together :)
thanx for the lets say if i am thinking about getting a hondata for this car should i do this first???do i need a laptop???can i do installation myself or would it have to be dealer installed??so then no one would reccomend do ane engine overhaul first before anything???or using different clutch or anything else???
Hondata is the shit yO!!!!
But you can buy it in stages too(i think)
Like if you just have them program it according to the list of mods you give them that is stage one.
but there are more variables too.
like they can give you a different vtec limit and can make your stock ECU be able to handle 28 psi of boost.

oh yeah, do the engine overhaul and do a valve adjustment, make sure everything is to spec. the stock trannys aren't too expensive either because there is like 5 millionkajillion of them and you can change it in about a day.
If you want a little more power go with a head gasket from a d16y8(96-00 ex) and get some ZC pistons and a cam along with I/H/E and you will have a pretty decent 160 hp motor for way less than a b16 and then you could do some head work and get the hondata system and have a pretty nice motor.

And you would still get great gas mileage.
ok here is why i do not want to do a b-series swap into my car right now. i do not have the 3 or 4k that places want to do the swap. i want to build up my car slowly but surely. so i want to be able to do one thing at a time. i know it is gonna prob cost twice as much as doing a swap. but if i can do it paying one thing at a time to build it up i would do that. yes i know then people will say just start saving up and thewn u can get it. but i cant save up money in a whole bunch like that. i will spend that money if i know i have it. use it for other reasons. its stupid i know. does anyone know of a shop in new jersey that does b-series swaps for decent prices????
Do what Im doing. Get the usual CAI and exhaust ( no header ) and save up until you can get a Bseries. You can use your intake and exhaust on your new engine in most cases. Find a friend with an engine hoist and do the swap yourself. Its not that hard in most cases and you dont need many specialized tools. Just read some of the posts on this site about the engine swap you decide to do and you should be pretty well educated when you decide to do the swap
If so there is a shop in Seaville ( south of Atlantic City) that can get you a swap at a better price than what you are saying 3-4gs. They can also get you what you need if u want to build the sohc.

I hear that the apex turbo kit works great on the z6. has pretty good prices on complete b series swap there swaps include everything that you need. Right know i am doing the mini me swap. I am getting an entire skunk2 valve train and wiseco roller wave pistons and eagle rods. D series blocks are suppose to be stronger then b series anyway. Hope this helps some
what is the name of that shope on seaville???do you know how much a swap would cost????what is the ideal swap to go into my car???