D16y7 to d16z6

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so my ek hatchback (d16y7) died and I wanna use the engine from my 94 ex civic (d16z6)

what I’m what trying to figure out is the wire harness cuz that’s the main problem for me everything else will be easier to me then the wiring part so the 94 has everything the ecu the wire harness everything the car runs n has no problems I just don’t like the body of the car n I wanna swap engines

what do I have to take out of the ek hatch wire wise obviously take off the engine harness but what about the wire harness from inside the car from the left side of the car wires and the right said or the car wires cuz in the engine bay the d16z6 has 3 different connections on the drivers side but the engine bay from the d16y7 only has one connection I’ll provide pictures if needed

this is my first swap so any advice or tips please let me know would be greatly appreciated thanks
Not open for further replies.