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**lowered the prices..

96-2000 prelude h22 aem short ram with filter

B16 mounts for 88-91 civic/crx: can throw in rear engine bracket from b16: 250 shipped
b16 brakes: 200

B18a head complete

D16a6 complete motor, needs head gasket

17in konig imagines w/tires: 450 or trade for 99-00 si rims (sale pending)
15in hubcaps from a 01 ex (sale pending)
14in pepboys hubcaps

from 89/91 civic hatchback:
88-89 stock headlights (sale pending)
88-89 stock corner lights... (sale pending)
88-89 stock taillights
88-89 stock bumper lights (sale pending)
90-91 stock bumper lights
90-91 stock corner lights
88-89 si stock shocks w/springs

6 3/4 alpine type r components
6x9 alpine type r components
one 12in pioneer IMPP premier sub in a bandpass box

email me and we'll talk....prices are obo... can have pics of everything

Originally posted by jNYCe5@Jan 28 2003, 04:28 AM
Got an AEM short ram intakes: 88-91 Crx/civic si: blue/ no filter: 65 shipped

OMG!!!A piece of tube with a sticker on it,for ONLY $65 shipped???!!!!!Do you take paypal??!!!!
Originally posted by jNYCe5@Jan 28 2003, 11:48 AM
no paypal account sorry :( ...money orders only...

its just the short ram intake...no filter

psst...do you know what sarcasm is?
Cool... thanks! I guess I missed it in the first few reads... I could've sworn that it wasn't there.