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hey wassup well i was just reading the post where everyone is from. well i'm from Torrance CA and i was wondering who here is around Torrance or Southern CA. And do any of you guys go to ontario for the races? i just got back from them last night my friends b16 white hatch beat a b20 crvtec. anyone see taht one. hehe just posting out of cruosity i guess if i saw any of ya.
what's up, from garden grove, just down the 405 and 22. i don't go out to ontario anymore, it's bunk, too many burns, and SO MUCH FUCKING RICE out there!! glen oaks and azusa used to be cool, but now it's all the same around here, just rice rice rice. there's like 1 cool race each night, but you never would know it with all the rice that goes in between. and if a b16 beat a crvtec, either the b16 is built VERY well, or the crvtec needs some serious work.. a stock b16 puts out from 160-170 at the crank, and Mike's crvtec puts down 185 at the wheels? thats like 215+ at the crank when you figure for drivetrain loss..sounds like a fluke to me
ehhh.. the b20 was stock.. but we feel that it wasn't built very good. umm my friends b16 is just type R headers, fuel pressure regulator, aem cold air, type R camshafts, type R intake manifold and an act clutch. he's gonna get his ported head pretty soon. but other than his car is tottaly gutted. thats' about it. pretty crazy huh? but on the point of the crvtec i think that it wasn't built very good.
uhhhhh sounds like someone can't drive for shit
i'm in the long beach area alot and ontario racing is a joke. you should try to race out here in wack ass long beach. I heard there is some decent i have heard. from torrance its like 10 minutes. Also with the b16 hatch against the crvtec...damn i guess the crvtec driver needs racing school :sleep:
im in chino. i went to ontario last sat. night and saw some loud imports going up milliken but i lost them (had to make a u-turn cause i was goin the wrong way)...where do they race? i dont care if its mostly rice. it would still be the most exciting part of my week :)