Cali Usdm Engines

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does anyone know where i can get a usdm b18b1 in california??? even better if its close to bay area...


one more thing, does anyone know if i can get a 95 civic dx coupe to 2150lbs without like taking of the panels and stuff??
1995 Honda Civic DX CPE MT 2231

should be pretty easy to get to 2150... get rid of everything in the trunk, lose the rear seats (if you want), lightweight rims, CF hood, get rid of the PS/AC (if you have them), take out the sound deadening material, get good racing seats (usually lighter than stock), that should put you below your goal :)
hey man about the motor check out "" they have mad pages of honda stuff and i have gotten many parts off of it in the past 3 yrs and like 80% of the post's are in Ca and many up in bay area
About getting the b18b1, I'm pretty sure you can find one at your local junkyard. Those engines are more plentiful then b18c1's.
Try Attarco. They're in Berkley and i know for a fact that they got B18 engines. My friend got his JDM B16 from them for $600. the # is 510-525-3333. If you need a B16, my friends selling one.