Can A B20/vtec Be Sc?

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if you have a b20 block with a b16a2 head on it, can it be supercharged with a jackson racing supercharger in a 94 civic??? two questions, 1.) will it fit on the motor? and 2.) If it does fit on the motor, will it fit in the chassis? I know it fits in the car with the b16 because I had that set up already but I just want to know if the b20 block will take up too much room in the car. thanks.


if the head is a 99-00 civic si, a REAL b16a2, not an sir2 like a lot of people mix it up with, it will go right on and fit no problem.
if its an sir2, there are a couple differences in the sensors. but it will work with some work


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I have a buddy selling a like new JRSC if you're lookin for one.