Can You Put Cold Air Intake On A Turbo?

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well if thats the turbo manifold, can you put cold air intake on a turbo'd car... or is that pretty much what turbo is?
yes you can usually add a CAI onto the turbo (depending on how it is positioned)
this will keep you from sucking up the hot air from the engine bay right next to the turbo manifold (ive seen them glowing red)
having a filter directly on the turbo is the 2nd worst setup (worst being no filter)

this also alows the intercooler to cool the air going to the intake even more producing that much more HP
ahmm.... the intercooler has nothing to do with the intake of the turbo..... The intercooler is between the intake manifold and the exit side of the turbo. The side of the turbo can be connected to a CAI, to filter the incoming air...... The turbo doesn't use exaust gas to drive the engine, only to spin the turbo........
Originally posted by liquid00meth@Mar 20 2003, 12:05 AM
...... The turbo doesn't use exaust gas to drive the engine, only to spin the turbo........

Which forces air into the engine.So I guess it does drive the motor.
Of course you can. All factory turbocharged cars have air filters on the turbo intake side don't they? Just make sure you get the filter as far away as you can from the turbo.
A turbo is most certainly not a cai. Hooking one up to a turbo is easy tho. Get a k&n and 5 buck worth of clamps and cheapo flexy ehaust repair tubing (and a bypass valve if you want some puddle safe peace of mind). This set up is the shit and costs like 30 bucks (w/o the bypass). It doesnt flow as well as a jcwhitney mandrel bend dealy but the differance is minimal, labor's a sinch, and its very much worth it to keep the heat down. Go for it.