Car For My Baby Bro

build him his first car.....

  • buy the car, tune it, then say " fugg him im keepin' it!&qu

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well before you reply...ive got a story to tell. me(19),my sister (22) and my brother ( 15 year old wanna-be tuner) grew up kinda shitty, meaning my family was broke, no male figure around, etc. Nothing that we have accomplished has ever been handed to us becuase of the simple fact that we didnt have the money. i was employed illegaly at age 15 ( by choice...not force) workin for a roofing company( eww... which is construction and you must be 18 to work in the state of VA) so i could afford " name brand" clothing and all the other shit i wanted and couldnt have by way of parents. hes been a little basterd to me all his life and ive been one right back....i mean because what else do brothers do?? And no matter how much i get mad at him i love the little fucker and i miss chillin with him now that im away from home. everytime i see him we talk about cars and if he was to get a car what he should get and what motor he would swap. he is really advanced for his age and surprises me with some of the questions he asks.... he asked me the other day if he should swap an LS motor becuase he believes its compression makes it boost friendly. WOW. he does his homework. but anyway the point of my poll is to ask you guys if i should do the following:
a friend of mine ( girl i know ) is selling her 93 LS Special Edition for cheap and i want to buy it so i have somethin to poot around in till i get my car fixed ( wrecked). but i also want my brother to have the things i never had......and by that i mean a car. and sure alot of people have cars given to them ...even by the lowest of income families.... but this is me.....and i dont like to be out done and i sure as hell dont give shitty gifts!the car has alot of miles on it ( 215,000 to be exact) but i can get it rebuilt for next to nothing. it has 96 GSR rims with brand new toyos and needs paint bad.....other wise the car is in awesome condition for the miles and stress put on it. once i get the car im gonna start doing little oddball things to it ( after rebuild of course)like rims, springs,struts, intake, know the basic bolt ons... but theres one catch.....hes gonna do all the work with my assitance and not even know its his car. hes just about to turn 15 and im gonna buy the car in about three months. once weve worked on the car up until a few days before his birthday. im gonna wrap the title and keys up in a box and give it to him as his 16th birthday gift from me and my girlfriend (funny how the girl is always included..but not really " included" if you know whut i mean) i know its an expensive gift but who cares....its only money and im not gonna be able to spend it when im gone ( dead) so whut do you guys think i should do???
:withstupid: It feels good to give back to your family after having nothing!
i was thinking about just getting a rebuilt motor to drop in when i buy the stage II centerforce for it......anyone know a place to find a good rebuilt B18A1 at or even a low mileage one?
I voted buy the car and give it to him.

But if he does his homework and isn't a ricer, tune it together.
No fun if it comes pre-tuned :)
Yea know, normally I say if you drive a car, you have to work for it. I worked from 13 making shit money at first and when i turn 16, was making a decent amount, bought my own car, everyone who knows nothing about hondas think that it is a new car made me proud but the way that you put it, it sounds like a real nice thing to do. At least your having him work on it, so he is kinda working for it. You are nice to your brother :wub: , My older brother is an ass :angry:
If I were you I would involve your brother in every aspect of building up the car. If you just give it to him he may not respect it enough but if he had a stack in creating the car it was different. I give you props for standing up and helping your kin. My brother considers a car just a mode of transport and therefor has a tercel.....4 door......I am envious of you bro. Include your bro and not only will the car be a great gift but he will remember you each time he's in it.
i said he was gonna do all the work on the just gonna only fear is......hes gonna be faster then me!!! :eek: LS integ ( fresh motor) VS. dx civic ( with 123xxx) i will die. i talked to him the other day. i brought up that model of teg and he says he thinks theyre ok but he would rather have a 96 like mine with the LS set up.........which is a very good idea. he says he likes the 92-98 hatch and would like to have one of those. so i think im gonna buy the teg.....keep the wheels, brakes( if i can convert), and whole front clip to use on my car! maybe find him like a 93 hatch( but not tune it)... theres quite a few for cheap around my area.... who knows who knows