car insurance pay by mile

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my insurance company asks the estimate mileage for each of my cars

edit: and i clicked the link and realized this has nothing to do with your post, lol
man screwwwwwwwww that. sudden stops are usually because someone is doing something stupid in front of you. sudden starts, sure. but mileage and speed limit monitoring? pffffffff!

first, don't statistics show that the majority of accidents happen within 5 miles of home?

second, the speed limit monitoring might be ok, except that most speed limits are 75mph in the southwest anyway, so if i'm going 76, i'm going to get killed on premiums. greeeeeeeeeat. if they go to this 100% in the insurance industry i'm really going to have a problem.

For antiques, there is Grundy insurance. I paid $100 a year for the Vega.

Here comes the lube: If Insurance companies weren't making MORE money from this deal, they wouldn't offer it. It won't save anyone, anything.
But is your vega appraised at 40k like a lot of collector/antique cars are?
No, but after 78 seconds of research, you would find out that ALL grundy policies are $100 a year. You have to send pictures of your Garage, it's fire suppression system and proof of it's security system. You have to send a picture of yourself standing with the car, a copy of your licence and then sign a paper that states that the car is ONLY covered for damage on the way to and from a sanctioned car show.

But thanks for taking the 78 seconds to instead take a jab at me :)