Car Model Question

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I am sitting here and still wondering on how the car is an EG, EF, DA, and so forth. Where can I learn this stuff. I have an 91 crx and I just know it as a Cr-x. When people go "O you have a EF (or something like) I just sit and look at them retarded." I guess I am retarded after asking this on the honda forum here. DARNIT. :)
Also, some are coded by country. For example, IIRC, EF's were never brought to the states. We got the EH and ED. There could be more variations of the 88-91 chassis but I don't know them all off the top of my head.

But for the most part, the chassis codes just designate the years/body style. The cars are all virtually the same still.
yep... chevy has "X"-body to denote its chassis...

for honda

it's 2 letters, and usually a trailing single digit... ie, ef9, eg6.

e= civic/crx
g = 5th gen
6 = trim option package/si-r/whatever

d= integra
c = 3rd gen
2= trim


check your VIN

but most times people simply generalize... like a 92-95 civic is often referred to as an EG even though the VIN might say its an EH or EJ
word^ to me
EF-88-91 civic/crx
eg-92-95 civic
ek-96-00 civic
da-90-93 integra
dc-94+ integra
and so on
On the note with B, a 80 something Chevy Camaro is also known as a "F" body. F = Fail?

Most of the chasis codes are being flung around these days. are the JDM chasis codes. My USDM 94 Civic Coupe chasis code is EJ1, instead of the EG.

Canadian and USDM specs are different from JDM specs. Google Honda Vin Decoding to really figure out your car. Like what country it was made in and where. what motor and tranny came with it, what body style it is.

first vin:
1 = US
2 = Canada
J = japan
and so forth so forth.