car shut off while driving and wont start back up what could cause this


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if the ignitor is bad youll still have spark at the plugs most times but the problem is that its weak thus brown spark, and its intermittant, take all spark plugs out of the engine put them in the wires and make sure that the plugs are touching ground on the engine and roll it over. watch the plugs and put your hands over the spark plug holes and you should feel a burst of air at the same time as the spark , if somethings messed the spark will fire at the wrong time or not at all. or it will skip a cylinder here and there. if that happend take the cap of the distributor and look at the ignitor, it will prolly be all white and cracked.


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dude the same hting happened to me no more than a month ago..i changed cap rotor..wires ened up bein the ignition coil in the dizzy..its like 50$ guarentee youll be all set after that


it runs on pepsi...
Ignitor in the distributor, would be my first thought if its not firing. I had a car a month ago, the owner had siminlar problems, they replaced the main relay and thought they had fixed it. It started because the car had sat. as soon as it ran for a bit it cut off again. We replaced the distributor and no problems since. A main relay pronlem will in most cases prevent the car from starting. This happens when they get old and the solder joints inside them crack and break the connections going through them.
agreed..had that happen in my sol and my lx..otherwise check your MAP sensor, i also had a bad one and it wouldnt alwayz start.


all right guys got the brand new distributer put it on and still no start
and ls vtec i took the battery to advanced charged and tested fine
im compleatly stumped and am moving at the end of the month and am completly out of money and cant borrow any more
so im going to put it on ebay
id hate to do it but i dont have much more choice
thanks for yalls input

if anyone wants to buy it or knows someone by chance its a
1999 honda civic ex turbo b16 swap 5speed with about 60,000 miles
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just rebuilt
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