Carbon Fiber Hood

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William H. Hovah

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anybody know where the best place to get carbon fiber hoods at...i got a 91 Civic Si W/B16A...
if you want one fast call my buddy up at line x (yea i know they spray truck bedliners but he can get parts too) his name is dj i am getting mine today it is a vis carbon fiber hood

number 513-272-6260 tell him drew told you to call

he might hook you up
I can't understand why you push that site so hard, do you work there/own it? The site is fucking huge, unless you are a fat pipe run to your house it is going to be slow. I am on a 640k downstream and that site was slow enough to be irritating. They put way too much into their flash (which is almost as annoying as the Skunk2 site) and then left their store out to dry. The store is poorly laid out. Their selection is limited to Japanese products only. Their prices are insane on much of their performance equipment. You can find comprable (in some cases better) equipment here in the states for far less.
Yeah the cf hood I purchased is awesome. It has rolled edges and glistens, already clearcoated. I bought it through a local speed shop It took about 2 days to get but I am not sure who they purchased from but it dandy, better then my buddy's gti carbonfiber he bought off ebay that doesn't have rolled edges and came to a total of 580. Don't spend more then350 for one shipped. I payed 320 shipped to my door but I also bought 800 dollars in aftermarket parts and still got hosed on angel projector's. I haven't heard bad about and they do have some good deals on kits available for many cars just the shipping prices will own you.
I think the best results can be had from making your own cf hood thats right make your own it would be a pin on hood but you can make it looking fn coolI will post pics in two or three more weeks of my own custom hood project I have a two layer hood with a fibercore it will look pretty good if i can get it to work the way it is planned it will kick ass I will post a list of supls and picks very soon
I have a VIS Invader CF hood on my Sol and it is awesome. The lay is perfect and the weave is great. The fitment was about a 9.5 I had to cheat my fenders a little but all and all it wasn't that bad. Plus that is expected on any CF hood. If you can swing the cash I would suggest VIS all the way.
I have a cf hood on my 92 hatch that I am interested in selling so that I can go for the sleeper look, it is a little hazy but a good scuff and clear coat should be good as new, has holes for washers and H badge, pm me if interested.
probably around $300 shipped depending on where you are, also less if you have a red hood you can trade as well i will get some pics up when I get a chance. bare with me I work almost every day
I'm not sure if this would be considered "off topic", but isn't a carbon fiber hood a step in the wrong direction as far as performace goes. I mean, I agree that a lighter car is good, but you're just removing weight over the front wheels, resulting in less traction. Has anyone noticed a difference in front wheel traction when using a cf hood?
i am also shaving the hatch door now that some punk provided me with a reason ie broken window
so i am going lexan shavd hatch door so only the lexan window open i am using a carbon fiber mold to o this ligh and f strong
thank god i have other friends in the farce that use this shit and can work it good
It is much lighter and it also will help u run cooler which is what I've learned, it wont even warm up in the winter, I cant even get v-tec because it doesn't hold heat at all.
I can get them within 24 hours and ship them right out. Problem is shipping is expensive. If you're close to connecticut picking them up is best. Also mine are wayyy wayyy better than import fan. I bought one for my talon thru them and it sucks. Got my Civic one through a local distributor and it's bad ass. (VIS Racing)
tdehnel, why what do you mean replacing the stock hood with cf would result in less traction? Have you considered that probably the majority of the fanatics that swap their hoods have more than likely swapped their engine (bigger and heavier) before that? That much difference in weight reduction is nothing compare to a 300lbs+ heavier engine; besides, there's aftermarket suspension parts that you can install for better tractions. I say the lighter the better. When it comes to speed there's always that HP:wieght ratio. Why do you think all them pro's sport their one piece cf hood/fenders, lightweight tube frame chassis, etc...?
wtf!!! do umean 1_deuceracing you fucktard ricer carbon fiberhood help i kno i have 1 on my civc an it rox man im tellin y0u i pulld up next 2 this viper and smoked him to 100mph and thats cuz of the carbonfiber hood y0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just kiddin ;)

1_deuceracing, well, I'm sure that if you could somehow quantify the traction that your car gets, you would see a marginal decrease in front wheel traction if you swapped in a lightweight hood. I'm not sure, (and there's really no way to tell) if that loss in traction can be made up for by the loss in weight, but thinking about it again, I think that you are probably right, the lost weight will make up in speed what it lost in traction. You make another good point, that having a heavier engine does help with traction. Personally, I'm keeping my stock hood because I'd rather take off some weight over the back wheels first, and try to squeeze every last ounce of traction from the front. Thanks for the different point of view.

Originally posted by seancooneyB16@Feb 27 2003, 09:43 AM
It is much lighter and it also will help u run cooler which is what I've learned, it wont even warm up in the winter, I cant even get v-tec because it doesn't hold heat at all.

wth do you mean seancooneyb16
you cant get v-tec becuse the cf runs colder are you retarted i live in canada it hits minus 30 or more and i get vtec
it is not temp related it is rpm related and forces oil through oil gallery the only way it would be to could to work is it the oilwas to thick to pass through the gallery ?
so how does a cf prevent your vtec?