civic 89 hb

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Hi guys.

I'm new to the forum and since the search function doesnt work I guess I have to make my own thread and ask for help in it.

The car I need help with is a civic hb from 89.

it has a complete d16z5 swap and also a complete crx 90-91 front swap.

but now I have started to miss the sweet feeling of vtec.

I got a b16a1 engine and everything needed for the swap. the only question i got is.
How do i fix the electronic?
Would love to get an explaination of that.

here are some pics of my EF and a bonus pic of my baby civic eg6 :p

My EF is far from ready. right now it looks kind of messy :S


and my sweet eg6.

over and out from Sweden
thanks guys. Well. can anyone show me a thread then since search aint working for me. I am in need of knowledge of what is needed for making the electric in this swap :)
are you planning on running the b16 with obd0 electronics or obd1?

if obd0 then all you need is the pw0 or pr3 ecu, and then run the wires for vtec.

if obd1 then you'll need a jdm p30 ecu, or a p28 chipped with a b16 basemap. then you'll need an obd0 to obd1 ecu jumper w/ subharness, obd1 distributor, and an obd0-1 dizzy conversion harness. then just run the 2 vtec wires, and the 4-wire o2 into the engine bay. and also be sure to delete the inj. resistor box if you intend on using obd1 injectors.
well all but the yellow ek are pretty clean it looks to be a rally car but i think its my favorite of all I like the yellow never seen one in that color before is it a stock color