civic to GSR brake upgrade (front & rear)

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i already have the brake set-up from the donor car-- a 1999 GSR. i have the parking brake cable, everything. i's just searching for a link of a how-to on swapping everything out. i understand it'll be straight foward and all, but just for re-assurance.

i found one on the hybrid-honda page, but does anyone have any links with a bit more pics?

thanks in advance,
the whole swap is very straight forward.

use the trailing arms from the gsr for the rear brakes, along with the gsr lower control arms...etc.

the parking brake from the gsr might be a different length, depending on which car you have..5th gen, 6th gen.

as far as the front brakes, you'll want to use the entire assembly...

you'll want to use a gsr master cylinder, and proportioning valve as well...although with my car i didn't switch proprotioning valves and retained my stock master cylinder (i drive a 92civic dx) and my brakes work fine.

it really depends on how much you want to spend and how thorough you want to be...although i think a gsr brake upgrade is not really needed. with good pads and rear disk brakes your car will stop fine...
so chet, are you one of the "lucky" ones that didn't switch their prop valve and there's no problem with it? i plan on changing AT LEAST my prop valve after i complete the swap. i have a 92 CX, so i use the GSR parking brake cable...correct?

thanks for the reply man!

the proportioning valve is easy enough to switch...and i have one from a del sol si (has rear disc brakes, and has the same size brakes all the way around) as my car now that i installed civic si rear disc brakes. i've been told that my proportioning valve will cause my rear brakes to lock up prematurely, and this simply isn't the case, as i've made some extremely hard stops from 130+ down to like 25mph and i didn't have any problem with this. for your situation, i'd use a bigger master cylinder, mainly because you're forcing the system you have to stop bigger brakes, which does require more fluid in the lines. now i'm not saying you have to, but it would probably be the right thing to do, mainly because honda gave the gsr a bigger master cylinder from the factory, and i always like to stay as close to factory specs as possible. (remember with my car i have a dx, which uses the same size master cylinder and the same size brakes compared to the del sol si.)

as far as e-brake cables, i'm not positive a gsr cable will work. i know that the new civic si e-brake cable is like 2 inches too long and i am going to install a del sol si ebrake cable. to verify this measure the length of the gsr ebrake cable and go from there, although its my feeling the gsr cable will be too long simply because the gsr has a longer wheelbase.
when i did my rear disc conversion, i did not swap out my prop valve either. i have had no problems with braking using my stock dx prop valve.
well, since i AM going to be using larger brakes than what the stock civic si ones are, i think i will swap in the master cylinder and the prop valve. boy i can't wait to bend those pipes <_<

thanks again guys,
*****NEWS FLASH*****

there's another way to upgrade to a larger beefier Master Cylinder without having to swap in the booster and bend tons of lines here

this was new to me, i hope it helps anyone else. i already ordered this part from honda. i'll let you guys know how the install goes

oh, and one more question, what prop valve should i use? obviously one for a car with 4 wheel discs, but anything specific?
Hmmm. Good read. Oh well, I already swapped out my booster with my setup. I just wonder now if there's another proportioning valve that bolts in with the stock fittings? Both the 4040s I tried from an Integra needed to cut/reflare the lines to put the new fittings on. I'm still running the stock valve, but if I go with bigger calipers up front and stocks in the rear, I think the stock 3030 might actually be better.
i think my car stops pretty f'n good as it is now... i have the big brake kit up front and rear oem disk in the rear... i kept my prop valve and master cylinder and booster.. i dont think it is that necessary to change it all out.
so what #'s does it say on your prop valve then? i heard 4040 is ideal for GSR brakes on all four corners. i just don't want to cut/flare any of the pipes
one more stupid question,......i think i'm right already, but there's nothing wrong with checking, is there?

i DON'T need the rear LCA's from the integra, do i?
for a rear disc conversion? no.. you just need the trailing arms and hub assembly, it will bolt up to your lca's