gsr brake upgrade

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okay i've decided to get one piece brembo blanks and axxis ultimates, steel braided lines. I still need to decide what to do about the calipers. I'm definently not trying to break the bank but i'm not buying APC stuff either. Also do i need to upgrade the master cylinder or any other of the braking components.
no you dont have to replace the MC. or booster Its not really a noticable differnce. I did one on a 92HB. It works just fine with or without it. You will have to replace that old ebrake cable with a 94 or higher integra. The ones on the 92 are to short. Thats about it. Just the e-brake cable. You could just get the whole swap from importautosalvage for like $250 thats everything to do the whole swap. Then go from there if you want special things like rotors. steel braided lines arent really anything, You can just keep the stock ones they work fine. I belive that there is a article of rear disk brake swap. Not sure which car your talking about swapping disk onto here.
i already have a gsr so i have discs all the way around thats not what i'm talking about