Clunking Noises? Frm 92 Civic

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Hey! I have a 92 Honda Civic w/ B16a SiR II. I just recently replaced all mounts to the B series instead of the stock D series engine mounts. But there's one rear engine mount that i didn't replaced. It's still a D series rear mount. And I was wondering if that D series rear motor mounts has anything to do with the clunking noise? It's whenever i make a turn or U turn? I hear these clunking noises. And i know I got all the right 94 integra axles/shaft. And all axles are new. So the axles can not be the problem!

Oh btw, do i replaced both the rear engine mounts and rear engine bracket? Or can i use the stock D series rear engine mounts, rear engine brackets?
if it only makes noise when you turn its probly a bad CV joint on one or both of the axles
You say your axles are new?Brand new from factory or new to you from somewhere else?
Could it matbe be the wheel bearing that need greased or replaced ?
Originally posted by 92b16vx@Jan 18 2003, 11:33 PM
You say your axles are new?Brand new from factory or new to you from somewhere else?

Ask ZC_89HATCH He will tell you axles! He has snapped I believe 3 now. But it could be worn bushings or loose suspension parts. Get under the front of your car and check every bolt and bushing. If all is good... AXLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dude a clunking when your turning, i ive never heard of anything but an axle doing it, not to mention when you rock you joints you'll know immedately, because that shit gets violent.

if you had a bad side motor mount it might be a mount problem when you turn and the engine shifts, but not a rear mount.

I had that prob on my rex but I've also done about 4 axle jobs on my hondas and it sounds like what everyone else is saying.....axles

If you bought used axles you could've gotten screwed on the deal and even if you bought new axles and the boots are good they can still be bad.

I'm with knowledge on the best way to find out is to get under your ride and eliminate everything one by one...bushings, axles, etc....that will tell ya what the prob is.....
so you guys telling me the axles i got from Napa auto store. Sold me some bad axles? Damn I already return the core. You mean i have to go get some new axles. damn.

But on the other hand. I am using the D series rear mount on my Civic. And the motor is a B series B16a SIR II motor. My friend who did many swaps told me the rear engine mount is incorrect so therefore it makes that noise. So therefore i'll have to change the mount first. And see how everything goes. If the noise still persist. Then it should be the axles. (Crossing Fingers)
The funny thing about it is. When i tried to change the mount today. I've noticed half a bolt/screw in stuck in the rear mount disabling me from changing the mounts. ANy suggestions? Like half the screw is in the hole. And the head broke off. Due to improper mounts.

Learned my lesson!! Do ALOT research before doing a swap!!! Let that be a lesson to you guys!!!!
my suggestion is to drill the bolt out... thats the only thing i can suggest since half is stuck in there...

there is a special drill bit for these kind of mishaps, i honestly dont know the name of the bit so talk to someone at a hardware store and have them help you find that bit i guess <_<