Clutch Fitment Question

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I wanna be sedated
Will a LS clutch,flywheel and pressure plate,fit in a B16A siRII (no lsd) tranny,I found a good deal on it and need to know before I order it.

Ok,first I don't have my car here with me I am in Kosovo,and I don't know the exact tranny code,but as I said above it is a B16A(2) siR II.My wife is going to get the code tomorrow,so I will bump this then,but if anyone has a answer tonight then cool.
From my experience only the 90-91 integra clutch will fit , although i'm not 100% sure , on the 92 and up integra's the input shaft is larger than the early model's.

Is the iceman correct?can I tell them I can't use it so they can find some lucky person who can? :unsure:
Originally posted by slammedb18acivic@Feb 6 2003, 04:34 PM
doesnt fit know from experiance

The person I'm thinking about buying it from,asked their mechanic and he told her it will fit any hydraulic B series tranny,so you saying it won't,hmmmm...anyone else? :huh:
Originally posted by SixtySecondAssassin@Feb 6 2003, 08:43 PM
i thought all b series parts were interchangable

Me too but there is the output shaft issue that was brought up earlier,but I figured that since it was a cable clutch in the early teg tranny's that was the issue.The LS that it is from was a hydraulic,this is what I am looking at:
ACT extreme pressure plate
ACT steet/strip disc
Zex lightweight flywheel
used only 2 months on second car, rarely driven

Great price too,I'd hate to miss it from lack of knowledge.