CA FS: 93' Acura Integra GSR Y80 Transmission & ACT Clutch /w Extra Disc

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I am selling my 93' USDM GSR Hydraulic Transmission /w an ACT Clutch + Extra Performance Street Disc. I am selling this transmission because I want an stock LSD equipped transmission. There is one major problem with the transmission. The 2nd syncro is lightly grinding and the 3rd syncro needs to be replaced. I would rebuild the transmission saving me alot of money instead of buying a completely new transmission & Clutch but, I really have been wanting to switch to an stock LSD equipped tranny and a puck style ACT clutch so, this is the perfect time to do so. This would be a perfect buy for someone who knows thier way around honda/acura transmissions or can get the syncros rebuilt by a friend. If you know what you're doing, you could rebuild/upgrade the transmission syncros/internals for less than you could buy a 30k used one and the transmission would be racing-spec instead of OEM. I still haven't dropped the transmission.Once a serious buyer hits me up and we work out a price I will drop the tranny unless I get my hands on a new LSD tranny before that happens. I will not ship the transmission, you have to come and pick it up. I live in the San Fernando Valley/Los Angeles Area. Pictures of the transmission in my car & Pictures of the Transmission code I will post when I get home later today.

The transmission code is Y80-1003953 and the transmission is being sold with the ACT performance racing clutch. The ACT Heavy Duty Racing Spec Clutch comes with an ACT F1-Racing Heavy Duty Street Disc rated to 243ft/lbs torque. The transmission has 89K miles and the clutch has only 17k miles on it. I am also throwing in a new in-box spare performance street disc (rated to 243ft/lbs same as the one installed in the clutch) for free. The clutch disc that is attached to the pressure plate is in good condition.



[FONT=TimesNewRoman,Bold][FONT=TimesNewRoman,Bold]Y80 (B18C1)[/FONT][/FONT]
This hydraulic transmission is found in all USDM GSR's. Although LSD was not offered these transmissions are still highly sought after because of their stronger differentials and optimal gearing. For those not interested in ultra-short gearing this transmission provides the perfect balance between acceleration and top end.

1st: 3.230
2nd: 1.900
3rd: 1.360
4th: 1.034
5th: 0.787
Reverse: 3.000
Final Drive: 4.400


The ACT clutch kit includes:
-ACT heavy-duty Pressure Plate (55% increase in clamp load, H-025)
-F1 Racing heavy-duty Street Disc (220 mm, 24 splines)
-Clamp Load Increase: 55% / Torque Capacity: 243 ft/lbs
*I'm adding an extra F1 Racing Heavy-Duty Street Disc for free


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Here's the pictures of the transmission code and the extra ACT performance street disc rated to 243ft/lbs torque. I'm hoping to get a new LSD transmission within the next couple weeks. So, I'll drop it then unless someone wants it before that. I also posted up a price.


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Bump, I'm dropping the transmission this weekend. If anyone is interested in this Y80 non-lsd /w ACT Racing Clutch + Extra F1-Street Disc act now because I have a local buyer coming to check the transmission out on tuesday with cash in hand. So if you want the trans/ACT clutch kit you should speak up now before It's gone.
Finally the transmission is sold to a local tuner for $150. He's going to drive out to pick it up tuesday. He doesn't want the clutch so i'm keeping it. Sorry Guys.