Comparing Engines

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I am considering pulling the stock engine out of my 88 CRX DX..

I would like to know if swapping in a d16A1, or d16a3 engine is similiar to the ZC engine swap. The D16 was located in the USDM Integra, while the ZC in the JDM. The only difference I have been able to determine is that the ZC's compression ratio is higher than the D16. What I want to know is; is if the D16 will be similar to the ZC installation [motor mounts, wiring, tranny, and ECU]

The D16A1/3 doesn't bolt into a 4g civic/2g CRX. The mounts are off, and the 80s Integras are the only D series engines that are incompatible with the rest. But the wiring would be exactly the same. BTW, the difference is in piston dome, head spec, and cams.

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