Crank gridle or not

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I was wondering if i should put a crank gridle in my b20b block. I'm using a stock sir-2 head for now so i don't plan on revin' past 8500 rpm's. And even if i use the z10 gridle do i still need to do machine work for it to fit properly. thanks for your help
No you don't need it- take it from someone who actually runs this setup. I rev to 8000 all day, and 8500 holds just fine too. 40k miles and still running as strong as day one...

The girdle is good insurance though. I don't have one in mine, but I'm getting one. So no- you don't need it, but it's nice to have 'just in case'. I'm not sure if you need to machine the block to get the Z10 girdle to fit, but I don't think you have to. That's what I've been told, anyway. The GSR girdle can be used also, but I think that it does require some machine shop time.
hey thanks for the info. if you dont mind me askin what block setup are u running. (pistons, c.r., ect)
Hit the link in my sig. Note that the compression is really 12.6:1, not 12.5:1 as stated on my page. I recalculated the compression with all the right values, and 12.6:1 is the actual number.
The Z10 website claimed that you did not need any machine work on an LS bottom end to install the girdle. Which is why they push it over the GSR girdle. If you have the money for the girdle without chaning the other things you are getting for the motor then get it. But if you have to choose between something like rods or the girdle, take the rods and get the girdle later.
Check out for more info but they claim that you do not need machine work done to any B series motor to accept the girdle, you do however need
GS-R / Type R Main Bolts, Windage Tray, Oil pump pickup, Oil Tray all contained within Part #Z10-2020

Unfortunately this product will not work in my Integra because the GSR oil pan sits right on the header causing the oil to boil. Dammit.
The issue is the oil pan actually comes in contact with the exhaust manifold if I use a B18C oil pan. I dont' think that this product would prevent heat transfer through conduction very well. I have never tried a B17 oil pan. I wounder if that would work with the girdle.
Hmmm. Phillip's using a Z10 girdle on his B20/VTEC with the GSR oil pan and a DC 4-1, and he doesn't have any contact issues that I know of.
do u have any problems runnig that compression on pump gas (91 octane) cuz i can't decide which pistons i want to use. i have i narrowed down to endyn and je but je only makes 10.5 and 12.5:1 comps. but endyn are much heaver then je pistons. Any suggestions?
You can run the 'race only' strutted skirt Endyn pistons on the street if you really feel like it- Intercrew's got an engine set up this way and it drives great off the track.

I have problems with 91 octane- it detonates all the time. Texas sells mostly just 87, 89, and 93, so my 12.6:1 compression isn't a problem. 93 octane holds it down just fine, but 91 is too low. If you're looking at running on 91, you might consider using a thicker head gasket or having a custom set of pistons made. You could probably get away with 12.0:1 or a high 11.x:1 compression ratio on 91 octane gas.
Use the Z10 girdle so that you can sleep at night better,,,,,,,, :sleep:

Yeah, you could do the 2.0vtec without, just cause you can do it doesn't mean it's to be done.

Wow.... hopefully he's already made the decision and either added the girdle or not after 7 months.


Resurrecting dead threads sucks.


By the way, I had no problems without a girdle for 45k miles on my B20/VTEC, and what killed it eventually wasn't anything to do with the bottom end coming apart.
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