WTB 88 or 89 Integra distributor and crank angle sensor

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I am putting my obd1 DOHC ZC that has been sitting in my garage for about 12 years(long story) into my 91 Civic dx.
I just recently figured out that the motor is not the one I ordered so many years ago, its obd1 instead of obd0.. (ordered one for an 88 integra). I believe the distributor and crank angle sensor (cylinder position sensor?) are the only parts I still need. I am going obd0. Luckily I kept the ecu (PG7) from the integra. If anyone has these parts laying around I'd be happy to buy them for a fair price.

Also if anyone knows of a working link to a writeup on how to do this swap, that would be great. I have found lots of info on this swap but so far all the links for writeups that I've found are dead.

I have an obd1 distributor from a zc if anyone needs it.

Thanks in advance
Ive got a obd0 zc dist, multiple valve covers for blacktop or brown top, ive got multiple sets of exhaust cam sensors and a bunch of other misc stuff, also you can throw a bseries cam cap in the cam sensor hole and run it on obd0 single cam electronics
Sorry , ive got 2 sensors and a dizzy , mail me a box and pay for shipping both ways and you can have them , it keeps uploading upside down idk why but you get it
Lol no problem, damn I was in a good mood giving away rare oldschool honda parts
Funny, I thought the same thing.
U must be gettin some good p----.
Lol. Well it's been marked delivered around noon. Return slip is in the box. Thanks a million :)
LOL that actually was after a evening with the lady is the funny part but hey Karma is real and we got to keep those old-school Hondas on the road and I will have it to you ASAP
I got it on wens, ive ive been in NC thurs-tomorrow for diagnostivlc training, will have back out promptly