Crank pulley bolt

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Im doing my head gasket now and we cant get the bolt to pull the crank pulley off. We're using a snap on pneumatic gun at 145psi and the bitc@ wont budge. Is there any way that the bolt is backwards and counter clockwise tightens it? I got my head off though and put TDC marks for piston 1 on the belt and cam so the timing wont be screwed. After looking at the block I can tell now whomever owned the car rebuilt the engine, has a new timing belt and crap. Block is in good condition but wondering why id get white smoke on startup only and bubbles in radiator. Warped head? I dont think the head is cracked because once i drive no smoke comes out. The head gasket looks decent too. If the head is warped how much does it cost to fix? Anyone know what I can do tomake this car run great before I put everything together? THanks
No it is not a reverse thread. The easiest thing I found to get it off was order the crank pulley tool from Honda. They have a tool that slips into the crank pulley and braces itself against the chassis that hold the pulley in place. The tool has a hole in it that allows you to put a breaker bar with a 19mm socket through it and torque that bitch off. The crank tool is expensive (like $60) but worth it. Some one else (I believe that it is Snap-On) makes the same tool with a longer arm for use on motors outside the car.
hey if my compression in a 93 civic dx was between 185-190 in all cylinders then that would logically mean that the head was not warped or cracked just the gasket starting to go bad? Also when i looked at me head gasket is the gasket supposed to run in between the cylinder walls (I.E. - left and right sides of cylinder going up.) Because I have no gasket in on the left and right side of each cylinder. What parts should I buy when i go to put everything together? My timing belt is already new. If I cant get the crank pulley off then I cant replace the water pump. Should I replace the timing tensioner? thanks alot!
The tensioner should be fine. How far away is the closest Honda dealer from you?
lol, i dunno why? I drove 600 miles on a bad gasket to fix this car myself instead of paying 900.00 bucks so I drove from Va beach to ohio. Not sure. Surprised I made it here though! Do you think the heads not warped because I had good compression?
those compression numbers are fine-- remember- its the VARRIANCE that matters, not the actual numbers.
= or- 10% is ideal. 15% is ok 17 you got issues.

your head gasket should look something like this:

if you are missing peices of it... I dunno WTF you were doing??? lol
damn, the 3 really think layers of metal inbetween the cylinders are totally missing on my gasket! So I guess It was the gasket going bad. How much does it cost to resurface a head so i can throw it back on with a new gasket?
The resurface should cost between $20 and $30 depending on the shape of the cylinder head.