CRX brake upgrade

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Junior Member
I'm assuming that gen2 Integra brakes are larger/stronger that anything that a CRX comes with.

Is there a gen2 Integra out there with 4-wheel discs and would an Integra brake system (brakes, master cylinder, etc) easily swap into a gen2 CRX?

I will probably end up getting these parts with the suspension components that they are attached to. Can these parts be used on a CRX as well?
I am not positive but i thing we have an article on swaping to four wheel discs brakes, check it out.

Is it worth it? Hell yes
Atleast upgrade the fronts to Integra rotors, is doing the back worth it? Some say yes, some say no.
i would say yes, you cant really find too much hi-performance shoes and stuff like that, but then again, 70% of your braking is done by the front