crx d16z6 swap with problems (No start problems)

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ok well lets start form the top well why i swapped well the a**holes who sold me the car broke the driver side motor mount bolts into the block and the mount slipped and had the engine resting on the came gear!!!!!! so i decided to do a swap.

only engine i found was a d16z6 SOHC vtec mpfi obd1..... ok now not proper at allllll i dropped the engine in with a new timing belt and used the HF trany, stock obd0 ecu, HF intake manifold, HF obd0 Dizzy. so pretty much just used the z6 block and head. drove it for about 3 days without any problems. then the 4th day i was going over some railroad tracks and it shook the car really good and then it started back fireing all stupid just BAM BAM BAM so i parked it at a parking lot. i tried to restart it and it would crank give some minor back fires but wouldnt start. so i tried starting it while adjusting the dizzy and something. so towed it home and let it sit i figuired i fried the ecu and the dizzy because i did the swap halve ass.

so few days later i drive all over colorado and grab a obd0 to obd1 ecu jumper harness, 4 wire o2 sensor, TD42U obd1 dizzy, and it was suppose to be a p28 but i ended up getting a pr4 ecu(DOHC, OBD1, NON vtec)....yeah i know i called the guy up and he is like my freind has ran it on his d16 swap and its ran fine without a problem. well i was told it will run way rich..... so i said i have to try i need a car bad. so i put the pr4 ecu in with the jumper harness and dizzy and o2 also pu the stcok z6 intake manifold on. now i didnt know what black o2 wire was the ground and witch was the heater thing so i guessed :D rywire sad one of the black wires so IDK then i left the vtec unplugged and didnt do anything with the orange and blue wire that comes of the converter harness. i wired the knock sensor and the other o2 wires and thats it. O and i also put some 210cc High impacedent injectors off my 3000gt in there since i read that ecu runs the car rich... so all changes i did was
-put the d16z6 intake mani on (and TB)
-extended the map sensor wire to reach the z6 sensor on the TB
-extended the sensor wire that is on the back of the z6 intake manifold
-put the obd0 to obd1 jumper harness in
-wired in the o2 sensor( guessed on the black wires and the brown ecu wire wasnt brown but there was one wire comming off a brown wire so i wired it there)
-wired the knock sensor
-wired the td42u dizzy to the obd0 harness

now i tried to start it and wlee it didnt start......
-i pulled the rail and the injectors didnt shoot out gas
-so i pulled the injectors still no gas then pulled the hose from the fuel rail still no gas.
-checked for spark and no spark??(pulled plug and grounded out while cranking.
-pulled the pr4 and put the hf ecu in and it just cranked 2 without gas or spark...
-next i checked all the fueses
-then i found a relar right by the clutch foot rest spot (thought it was the main relay) but it wasn't clicking so after about 20 time of me turning the keys to and from the ignition position it started clicking. then gas started shooting out of the hose i had poped off.
-put everything back together and nothing again all crank no start(tried with pr4 ecu and the stock HF one)
-checked for spark an no spark
-pulled the rails with injectors and the injectors were shooting gas like they were suppose to
-then i found the real main relay and it clicks like its suppose to
-Now i see the check engine light will turn on and off in like 4 sec interval......

and this is where im at now i dont know what to check now........... im thinking its the dizzy but IDK is there a way to check the dizy?
make sure everything is wired to the dizzy correctly, and my z6 had similar issues recently and it was the icm
it was the dizzy but

any ways well i got a p28 ecu but.... it ran better with the hf ecu and dizzy???? WTF and if i wot it it smokes when i stop or for a while after???? and i have a check engine light but i dont know what the hell pins to connect to read it because all the wires are different colors then whats on rywire, so i dont even know if the o2 sensors hooked up right........ I havent hooked up v-tec either could that be it?? can anyone get me the pins that the 4 wire o2 plugs into and the check engine light pins???
There should be a two pin plug by the passenger kick panel to check codes. Also not having vtec. Wired should not cause problems