CRX: Engine?

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well right now im trying to gather as much info as i can right now and the lsd must of had a brain fart.....i got the crx for a steal i think but not sure on the motor i want to put in it.....i think what made me buy the crx was that i found a kit for that model black widow for 88-91 crx .but i was figuring if i could get it close to 450 hp it would be perfect for power to weight ratio. it be like having 600- 800 hp in a musle so any help on the best builder friendly engine would be greatful
I just recieved my motor from on 12-17-02. I got the B16a1 setup. it was $1150.00 starting off. I got the LSD tranny upgrade ($300) and i asked not to get the ECU because im sending my factory one (PM6) off to to get chipped, so he knocked off $100 for that. they have a b16 one wire hook-up for the swap ($328 shipped). I bought HASport motor mounts these are the ones people mostly use in the swaps they are pricey but i got mine off Ebay for a pretty good price. HASport also makes the shift linkage for the CRX. My swap came with one. Steve is the guy i talked to from HMotorsonline. He is a good guy and will work with you. So the total for my swap shipped to my door was $1650.00. By the way I have a 1990 CRX Si, if anyone was wondering.
450 hp :blink: you're gonna have a pretty good project on your hands. you have a few options to get that kinda power out of a honda engine:

out of those, i'd go for the ls/turbo for somewhat ease of swap (cuz you can get obd0 ls engines) and the price, you can get a complete ls engine for around $1,200, where as the gsr would cost $3,000. and i'm not sure about the h22, i'm not too fond of it. but you're gonna need to rebuild your whole engine: resleeve, low compression pistons, rods, valves, valvesprings. retainers, turbo cams. then you're gonna need a gnarly turbo kit, hondata and a lot of tuning. then of course some new wheels/tired and aftermarket axles to get all that power to the ground. and for this, you're definiately gonna want to get a lsd on the ls tranny so you don't destroy your diffential. it's gonna be expensive, but you should be able to make around 450 hp, if you go balls out, do everything right and don't half-ass a single thing.
Originally posted by Hexen@Dec 18 2002, 06:31 PM
450 HP out of a B16 is nearly impossible I think.

Minus pro race-built engines.

Like I said it is gonna be expensive.To give you an idea look in the last months SCC and they are starting their drag rex.You wouldn't need quite that much stuff.But they are using a b16 automatic.Of course like you said that is a pro built race engine.
That's a good deal for everything,are you doing the install yourself?
can someone help me i bought 86 crx si stick
i wanna put a b16a motor can someone give instructions
on what mounts and changes i have to do to make this hybrid
Originally posted by tohottohova@Dec 19 2002, 06:41 PM
can someone give instructions

1st step: START YOUR OWN POST!!!!!
2nd step: first do step one
im hittin 225 hp to the wheels with my b16/t in a crx. getting 450 hp is gonna be really hard. especially with it being a daily driver
I'd recommend getting the basics asap. You know.. headers/intake/exhaust
then work on weight reduction in the drive train and build the internals. A bullet proof b16 could handle prolly 20+ psi of boost. I think over 400 hp is possible. Since your comparing weight to power, If you find yourself stuck on performance upgrades, give your car a diet. Fu*k bodykits, wings, heavy wheels, etc. I'd even strip it. In my opinion a crx with 200 horse and a great deal of weight loss will spank TA's and Z28's left and right.
I'm not all about body kits but sometimes they weigh a lot less than the stock parts they replace.A rex with 200 horses without being stripped is gonna piss off some z28's
ok i priced some cams for the engine and they said about $900 a cam does this sound right
for imports ive already gotten rid of the glass looking for lightweight plex right now anymore segg!!
What the hell cams are those for 1800 a pair?

go with T.O.O Supercharger Kit

Q: How much hp/torque will it make?
Before the IC were added, the B16A was making over 400 hp, the B18C5 (Type-R) just under 400 hp. These engines have more than 200 ft-lbs below 2,000 rpm and the peak torque number is conservatively rated at 350+ ft-lbs. (Aprox. $3500)
I couldn't find a price anywhere aside from the expected price for the kit,but I didn't venture outside the article.Sounds pretty nice though definitaly worth following.
that whole Endyn supercharger kit is doesnt exist and it never will... it has been "about to come out" for the past 5 years... it will never come out because its not real... its a made up story to pull people into the website in hopes that they will look around and buy other shit.... its basicly a "bait and switch" deal...
thats was 900 for both cams sorry my bad and im lost the b18c a better engine to build then the b16a2 and will the b18c fit in my crx?
hey man, i have a crx and have been lookin into motor swaps as well, but lemme tell u, u will not get 400+ hp out of a b series motor unless its pure-drag. but there is a motor people are experimenting with (b20b) its from a 98+ honda crv, stock it has i think 140hp, but plenty of torque. i also have this magazine of a crx with a integra motor swap, i dont recall all the details right now, but it has 395 hp and 340 or so torque, ill post the setup as soon as i find it.
400 horse is easy to hit with an Ls/t :)


3rd gear pull in the setup iom getting off his teg.
note- its MPH, not rpm dyno... 3rd gear pull
what place would be the best to buy the engine from cause alot of people has told me that u might get ripped off
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