Crx help

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I am a new car owner and i have an '88 crx si and i want to know if there is a way to get power steering on my car. Also i would like to know if anyone in the Seattle/Tacoma area sells CRX parts like rear cargo cover or the trunk cover
anything is possible with a rex. :D

welcome - hit craigslist for parts. you'd be surprised what's out there. it's where i offloaded most of my parts last year.
yes you can get power steering on a rex. just look for civic or crx power steering things in any junk yard. power steering in a rex or civ was an option so it might be hard to find. good luck
hey i live i washington and i found a si tranny and a 6 puck clutch for 200 bucks off i think if ur lookin for stuff go there and there is a place called pull a part on hw99 close to lynnwood/everett its right accrost the street from bent bike.they have a crx there right now.i got a rear motor mount and the vent with the clock for 6 bucks.and one thing ebay sucks craigslist rocks best of luck to u