Help! CRX swap

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Hello. I am in the process of purchasing a '91 CRX with almost 300k miles and want to do a swap. It would be my first time and I was looking at a k20a or a k24a engine and was wondering if they would fit and in general be a good idea for a swap.

Also, would it be worth replacing the automatic transmission?

Thank you.
A K swap will fit and is a fine idea. It is a little more work than something like a B swap, but they are common enough that there are mount and wiring kits available to make it fairly straightforward.

If by replacing the automatic transmission, you mean converting to manual, then yes definitely worth it.
The manual swap will be a necessity if you want to go K-series. Well...I shouldn't say necessity because I'm sure some talented fabricator could figure out how to make it work, but how much money do you want to spend on that? Swapping to manual will actually be cheaper and easier in this instance, plus, the manual K-series transmissions are some of the best Honda has to offer.

So yes, swapping to manual should definitely be on the list here. Check out Hasport for the mounts that you'll need. I have their mounts on my RSX. Very happy with them.
Well, it depends. Really I'd like to spend about 1.5k on the swap, I hope that's realistic. k24a manual transmissions appear to be expensive.
you aren't doing a k-anything in an auto EF for 1500 bucks, sorry.

the mount kit, trans cables, and engine alone will easily break that before you get to the manual conversion parts and jumper harnesses and ecu stuff.
if you want to stay in 1500 range with a manual conversion, consider a B18A or a b16asir if you can find one... they are rare these days because they are 30 years old
Thank you all for your input. After researching more it looks like a budget k24a swap is around 3k (please correct me if I'm wrong). I actually went with a well maintained, '88 DX CRX that has less than 150k miles. I think that'll give me a few months to save up more money for the K swap. That said, I will check out the B engines you mentioned too to see if they suit me and if I can find them.

Another question, if I decide to go with a k24a swap, would it be worth putting on aftermarket sleeves, pistons, and a k20 exhaust head or am I overthinking it? From my research so far that should add another grand or so, but it sounds like a fun project.
don't over-complicate it. do the swap first, then get it running right.

then get the car settled (in fact, maybe do this first before the swap) with good suspension, wheels, tires, and brakes.

Then, think about adding more power if you want it and what it might need for supporting elements.

You need a plan before you start spending money, or else you are going to spend 3x as much on crap you don't want or need, or stuff you need to buy again because you didn't buy right the first time

We've all been there.

Step back
Figure out what you actually want and need
Make a plan
Figure out your budget
Then after all of that is sorted, move forward
Badass advise, thank you guys. I've been researching sway bars and coilovers, there's no reason to rush.