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The valve on the front lower part of the tb, it kinda looks like the IAC valve but its on the front of the tb.
On my oem manifold there is 2 cooling lines that run off the manifold. the one closer to the middle of the head is the one i am talking about, thats the hose that goes to this valve i am talking about, well that is not on my new manifold so I just made a t and took the one off the iac and looped the other 2 end of the t together with another hose

after doing this my car surges from 900rpm to 1800 but no dtc codes

I know its from this circulation ive made but what do I do or remove?
pictures pictures pictures!!
why the CTR/? did you sell the ITR??
that's the fast idle valve on the throttle body
I still dont understand what I am suposed to do wit this mess..where can I run 1 of those cooling lines so that the idle will stop surging..can I just clamp it off or run it somewhere else..

noone else has a itr manifold on a 2nd gen b16?
i have an ITR manifold on my second gen b16. but i dont know what the fuck you are talking about. first you called it a ctr intake manifold, now you're saying ITR. which is it? pictures are key...

it's hard to follow: that one hose near that other one that is black that comes off the head... it's hard to follow what you're talking about
on the dist. side of the manifold there is usually 2 coolant inputs (1 big, 1 small) mine only has 1 big one....so what do i do with the other hose that is supoosed to go on that other input whch is not there...i think i got a manifold for a different car but there has to be someone way to fix this

by the way the hose thats not where its suposed to be is from the fast idle valve....any help?
u get a jdm one by chance? jdm itr intake mani;s do not have all of the vaccuum and coolent lines that the usdm ones have. pics would help to solve ur problem tho
ok i guess it is jdm...do a search on www.honda-tech.com and search for itr manifold and you will see a topic for itr manifold on 2nd gen b16 and read that it will explain alot more...it also my post...hurry helppp!!!