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what options do i have for doing a head swap on a d15b2 in an 89 dx h/b i am looking for a possible head, intake manifold, pistons and headgasked setup to raise compression and make more power. i dont wanna go zc or b16a. maybe a d16a6 with a z6 head and intake manifold i dont know. thanks and by the way my girlfriend set this account up for me so don't laugh at my name :)
If you want to change your account name, PM me with what you want and I'll email it to you when it's switched.

D15B2 with a D16Z6 head is good for more power- probably get you up to 130hp at the crank with stock pistons, plus intake/header/exhaust. You'll have to wire for MPFI and VTEC, then run a VTEC ECU or at least an ECU that can control 4 injectors, then drop a VAFC or something else to control VTEC. If you want more compression, you can always swap in some DOHC ZC pistons.