D15b7 Piston And Rod Help

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I have a 92 DX hb and i am doing a mini-me setup i ahve a d15b7 motor. I can't turn back know because I have all of my main parts. I need to know what would be the best piston, rod, ring, setup for this considering the compression would be about 10.5:1 and I'm not going to be boring the block at all or resleeving anything. So basically what I'm saying is that I need the pistons, rods, and rings to be the same size as the ones in the block, but stronger and able to handle the compression ratio. I am also upgrading the valve train, but I already know what I am putting in there. Any help would be awesome thanks alot.
I am pretty sure that zc pistons can go in there. Calesta always has a ton of "suggestions" to do with mini mes, talk to him about them. As far was rings go, oem are normally fine.
I'm doing the same thing (Z6 head on a B7 block) I HIGHLY reccomend eagle rods, since your going NA, ZC pistons only up the CR by .04....I'd go with some Endyn rollerwave pistons...see them here at http://www.theoldone.com
my bore is only 75mm the endyn piston bore is 75.5 i dont want to bore out my cylinders and if these will work without me boring my cylinders then which compression ratioed piston should I get. Thanks for all of your help
You have to at least hone the cylinders even if you just use a cylinder hone on the end of a drill, and if you want a good ring seal but don't want to bring the block to a shop I would suggest using rings that are made out of a soft material they will have the easist time seating and give you the least blow by. The downside is they wear quicker. Eagle does make good parts and use ARP for all your hardware. If you can't find pistons that will get you to the compression you want, then you can always get a milled head.