Pistons and rods for b20z

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power hungry
Im preparing to rebuild my engine and need some help with picking parts. for one thing, every manufacturer lists pistons for the b20b, but i cant find any that say b20z also... they are the same bore, so they should be the same right?

so then it comes down to brands, im not really sure what kind of pistons or rods to get. the goal is somewhere around 10:1 compression ratio. the block will be decked so will affect cr slightly. i will be bolting on a jrsc with either the 8 or 10 lb pulley and im hoping for 250whp. opinions on what to get??
Wiseco, Arias, CP, Mahle, JE, etc. I haven't really heard anything bad about them. You can simply use oversized 84mm "B18" pistons.

For rods, the Eagle H-beams should work fine and they're probably the cheapest of the bunch. Again, many manufacturers to pick from.
thanks, i was pretty much planning on the eagle rods... what im really wondering about is what pistons to get. i dont really like wiseco, i have had problems with them in outboard motors taht i work on.
I'd grab a set of CP's. IMO, its really between CP and JE here, and CP has a different composition. JE's tend to swell more than CP's do. Just my two cents.
i have heard nothing but good stuff about CP pistons.... im leaning towards those.

another question though, how much does decking the block affect cr?
decked .010 will just bump compression up slightly right?
update: i chose cp pistons and eagle rods.

seems to a be a tried and true set up. thanks guys.