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This guy told me he would sell me his d15b8 sohc 8 valve engine for 100.00 bucks. The head on it is black as hell and had black shi@ caked all over it and the block is in good condition but I dont know about the rings and the pistons. Worth it, not worth it? I dont really need it but was just wondering if thats a good deal?
weak! lol I will sell you my d15b2 sohc 16 valve engine for 150! and it is clean..just missing a few sensors..PM me if you are in socal maybe i can hook you up lol
now it's a ZC..i actually just picked up the b2 from my godfather's house. and yes, the fix-its were for the stupid ass squirters. i was just too lazy to hook them up to a switch when i still liked them..and now that i don't i can't find the oem ones. i'll just pick them up from a junkyard or something.
yea, hooking up a swtich was kind of a bitch, especialy since i got the lighted type switch. the clear squirters do look ricey, but the chrome ones that i got from wal-mart look ok, in fact, i say they look better than the originals. they were only around $7 for the pair too...and they squirt ALOT better than the oems.
werd! I love how they squirt! lol ok story time:
for my senior year drama project, we had free reign to do anything we wanted (within reason) on videotape and submit it for our final grade. well a couple of buddies and i kinda ignored that whole "within reason" part and went out on a mission: get as many random people wet as possible. so we ended up driving around all day with a bag full of water balloons just chucking them out of the window at people and videotaping it. but the best part was that we turned both of the pissers to the right and if we missed someone with the balloons, he would get a nice shot of 50/50 h2o-windex mix! it was sick! then at the end of the day we wrote "the end" on a truck in a costco parking lot in toothpaste and booked it out of there..good times man..=]
oh..call me eric i like it better than dj..considering the fact i haven't touched the tables in like 2 years..
lol good story! no problem, eric. :) u can call me gabe or rixxxceboy or riceboy, its all good.

SolidDreamz, sorry to be so off topic.
thats a stock motor in my cx and i would never buy this motor EVER if i had to!
those things are crap they are literally a dime a dozen a friend of mine got one for free at a honda dealership cause they were tired of having it in the shop