D16a Vtec Conversion

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is there anyway to convert a stock d16a to a vtec....mind i have already taken the whole thing apart and am ready to start rebuilding. any suggestions or just the plain you can't are appreciated
it's called a mini-me swap... you put on a sohc vtec cylinder head from a d16z6 (92-95 civic ex/si) or d16y8 (96-00 civic ex)... look it up on google.

if u have the whole motor apart i recommend using the oil pump from a newer civic with vtec (not the b16 tho)... and i think the connecting rods from the late 80s integra fit without modifications and are good for up to 220hp. then use the d16y8 cylinder head, gasket, intake manifold (inc. throttle body, fuel rail, all sensors,etc.) , exhaust manifold (or get a header for the 96-00 civic ex).

you can get the rest of the info needed like how to get the vtec to work if you just look.
The best way to go is to do what is commonly referred to as a mini-me swap. You take the vtec head (d16a6) from a 92-95 civic EX and bolt it onto your z6 block. You should get a 92-95 distrubutor too, the z6 doesnt fit perfectly, but you can make it work with some washers and stuff. I did this swap on my crx, but I used a 96 EX head (d16y8) because they are better and the distributor fits. You do need 96-98 spark plug wires though...my crx ones didnt seem long enough..you are lookin at about 30 horse increase when its all said and done. Takes the average dude a weekend to do. If you're good, it only takes a couple hours. :spin:
Originally posted by sr885bk@Apr 27 2003, 02:56 AM
You take the vtec head (d16a6) from a 92-95 civic EX and bolt it onto your z6 block.

The 92-95 EX/Si come with a D16Z6,not a D16A6 (which doesn't have vtec and in the 88-91 Si).
Roger that a mini me swap is the easiest way. What year is your Civic? A D16z6 head or Y8 will do the trick, me myself have a JDM ZC SOHC VTEC which is similar to the Z6 but since is JDM is slightly more powerful. Also you would like to used the Z6 or Y8 I/M and T/B. Take into consieration that if your car is a 4gen or EF you are OBD0 and will need to convert to OBD1 or OBD2, you will also need a P28, 30 or 72 ECU depending on your application or a VTEC controller to activate the VTEC. Don't go cheap on this. Also you if you go with the ECU swap you might need a new wiring harness depending on the year of the car. If you have a 92-93 you have a VTEC harness regardless of model. Hnda put it there for no reason. Is hidden in the fire wall. If you have a 91 or below you will need a OBD0 to OBD1 conversion harness or DIY by rewiring all 40 some little cables. If u have more questions do some research in ezboard.com Honda D series Frum...
if i were to mini me my dx hatch, all i would need is the ex head right, i mean im alreay wired for vtec cause its a 93
I thought only 92 were wired...in any case, you would need a D16Z6 head, intake manifold, ditrubtor, P28 ecu, timing belt
Actually 93 were also prewired. If you have a 93 H/B you can just swap the head and the ecu or get a controller. All the other components are the same, the only diff are in the Head and VTEC related components. You might want to get a Adj cam gear. and a Si tranny to get better gear ratios. But it's an easy swap man, go for it! :ph34r:
are mini me's worth the money, or should i just swap it b16, can't decide eather way im going to turbo the set up, i asume for a turbo mini me you would get the turbo kit for the ex
Anyways, if you go the B route you will need a new tranny, linkage axles, etc. I've seen Turbo D's that will leave a B16 n the rear view mirror. You can also go Nitrous!!! Plus is way cheaper to do a D than a B, if you messed up a B you will need to pay a lot to fix it, and most likely you will be kind of short on green after doing the B. Also for the money you will spend on a simple B16 or 18 you can put in a mini me and beef t up to where you can take a B out for a spin. And if you're planning a daily driver mini me is the best course of action. But whatever rocks your boat. :blink:
if you have the means to get a B series in there id definatly say go with it... its a much better starting point and has much more potential than a D series
Sol is almost right, but D's have plenty of potential? By the way what are you driving Sol??? Don't tell me you actually have a Del Sol??? :spin:
Nottin against you man, but sol's are a girly car. Do you have a B16 in it???
i think that im going to go with the mini me, i mean it is a daily driver like you mentioned, and i love working on my car just like every other memeber, i don't feel like waiting to save up a few grand (if i were to swap) and not have anything done physically to my car for months, im at the point now where i buy something every 2 weeks when i get paid...im impatient when it come building, controllers are pretty expensive....what exactly to they do by the way, ive bin told that you can set the vtec activate at eariler/set rpm
Originally posted by krazyrican76@Apr 26 2003, 11:26 PM
Nottin against you man, but sol's are a girly car. Do you have a B16 in it???


Wtf is a girls car? I've never seen a car that 100% girls drive only.
And do some research, ass.

Pretty much what it does is set the VTEC activation at a set RPM, that is you don't want to swap ECUs but f I were you I would get a P28 and get it chipped, it will set you back like 175-250 dollars but is better than a controller cuz is OEM. Also setting your VTEC too early will hinder your engine. Like I said a D series especially D16Z6 or Y8 has a lot of potential and can be supercharged, turbo or NO2 easier. Also they get better milage!!! :ph34r:
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