D16Z6 1/4 times

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Just bought a SOHC VTEC D16Z6 for my '90 CRX Si, just curious how the quarter mile times will be. Even stock times in a 92-95 Civic Si/EX would be helpful. Just curious how fast it will be when it is in. Thanks for your input....

-kid with the Z6 in a REX
a kid i know went 13.7 with his d16z in an 88hf.

now this is a worked motor, in a lighter car, but i'll say you'll run 14.9's.
I don't believe these numbers, My lude ran 17.1 at 87 mph and it's fully built.
I/H/E, no cat,full plugwires(msd 10.4mm),splitfire plugs,air filter removed,msd ignition, fully gutted, ac/power steering removed.
turbo kit's on the way :eek:
preludes are heavy and in most cases slow because of their weight.

go to the track more often and watch d16z crx's.

i've seen one on the spray (50-shot) go 12.54.

stock d16z, no LSD.
17.1 is all you ran....i know people w. newer pludes runnin 14's with just IHE....you sure you can drive it?
lmao. Yeah alot has to do with driver skills. Try doing a search on google for "D16Z6 crx". You should be able to find a bunch of crap.
15.1 with stock intake and exhaust.. that was in an ef si hatch.. i jst got exhaust and ima get a vcon tomarrow then ima take it to the track and see if i can get a 15.0
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