D16Z6 1/4 times

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Just bought a SOHC VTEC D16Z6 for my '90 CRX Si, just curious how the quarter mile times will be. Even stock times in a 92-95 Civic Si/EX would be helpful. Just curious how fast it will be when it is in. Thanks for your input....

-kid with the Z6 in a REX
a kid i know went 13.7 with his d16z in an 88hf.

now this is a worked motor, in a lighter car, but i'll say you'll run 14.9's.
I don't believe these numbers, My lude ran 17.1 at 87 mph and it's fully built.
I/H/E, no cat,full plugwires(msd 10.4mm),splitfire plugs,air filter removed,msd ignition, fully gutted, ac/power steering removed.
turbo kit's on the way :eek:
preludes are heavy and in most cases slow because of their weight.

go to the track more often and watch d16z crx's.

i've seen one on the spray (50-shot) go 12.54.

stock d16z, no LSD.
lmao. Yeah alot has to do with driver skills. Try doing a search on google for "D16Z6 crx". You should be able to find a bunch of crap.
15.1 with stock intake and exhaust.. that was in an ef si hatch.. i jst got exhaust and ima get a vcon tomarrow then ima take it to the track and see if i can get a 15.0
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